Asterisk and Google Wave - 10 ideas

by: Moshe Brevda

Now that Google wave invites have started going out - lets see how long it will take for some wave - Asterisk integration. If you have already received you wave invite and are interested in developing, here are some ideas you may wish to consider:

  1. Conference app - control the conference and invite users to join from within wave
  • VM bot - alerting you to new vm, allowing playback, etc
  • Call popup’s with new caller info - not sure how annoying/useful this could be
  • Click-to-call - initiate a call from with in wave
  • Queue control/stats - log in/out of a queue, see real time stats
  • Status - have asterisk update you wave status in real time with you on the phone/available status (is there even such a concept in wave? I really need an invite already!)
  • Fax - fax a wave via asterisk!
  • Receive faxes - although you would be simpler to just have your faxes forwarded to email
  • Day/night mode - toggle your system call flow via a Day/Night style module
  • Parking lot - view real-time parking lot stats, grab a caller out of the lot